Weekly Roundup – 24th May 2019

Ofsted report

Following our routine inspection on 11th May, we have achieve another “Good” rating. The Inspector was extremely complimentary and we are definitely on the way to Outstanding. The report came with no surprises and the areas identified have already been identified in our own self-evaluation. Thanks to all those parents who spoke to Ofsted on the day of the inspection and for everyone’s continued support.


Tiny Tigers

This week we have used a variety of materials to focus on developing our mathematical abilities. We used water play with the ducks to help develop an awareness of number names through rhymes and songs. We also used an assortment of bricks to create our own simple structures showing an awareness of shape space and measure.

Toddleing Turtles

This week in Toddling turtles we have been reading the story “We’re going on a bear hunt”. The practitioners then set up a ‘bear hunt outside in the garden using grass, mud, water, ice and leaves like in the story using different containers.

The children enjoyed taking their shoes and socks of so the could explore the different sensory materials. This week we want to say congratulations to Arlo for becoming a big brother!!! He has enjoyed playing with the dolls and showing us how he is going to help Mummy and Daddy look after his new sibling.

Eager Elephants

This week in Eager Elephants, we have been exploring the tastes of Indian foods. All the children had a try of the foods and some really enjoyed it. We have also been making our own pictures using the loose parts. We made some great pictures! Katie came into Nursery to let us see her new baby, Bella. All the children were so excited to see the tiny baby!

Marvellous Monkeys

This week in Pre-school we have been exploring our malleable area with Lakeisha, who set up different areas of the malleable tray with lots of different resources such as mixing cocoa powder and shaving foam for our swamp, the children went outside to collect grass, flowers, soil and bark.

We also mixed salt and food colouring for sand so our animal, dinosaur and farm world resembled real life habitats in the tuff trays.

We also explored colours in the water using glow sticks and making it more fun by watching the water changed colour with bath bombs and seeing the water bubble and the bath bomb disappear. we dimmed the lights and made a den over the water tray so we got the full effect of the glow sticks. Some off us are preparing for our holidays next week, its all very exciting.

Holiday Club

Here are some of the exciting things that are going on in our Holiday Club this week.  The summer sessions will also be fun packed and get booked up quickly.  If you know of any friends or family that struggle to find Holiday Club facilities, please send them our way.  They won’t be disappointed.


Have You Seen Our Latest Ofsted Report?

We were last inspected in April 2019 and maintained ‘Good’, which is excellent news for us.

Download our report, to see what the inspector said about our nursery.

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