Weekly Roundup – 5th March 2019

Stay safe online!

Some of you may be aware about what is happening on the internet regarding YouTube kids, Fortnight and other online activity. We thought it would be a good idea if we would share some top tips for online safety on the internet for you and your children.

1. Prioritise Safety
Teach the children not to give out any personal information Name, Address, Telephone numbers or which school they go too
2. Set parental controls
Agree a list of websites your child is allowed to visit and remember to check the minimum age limit
3. Discuss their activity
Take an interest in their online world and talk to them about their favourite websites, videos and their online friends.
4. Set Boundaries
Establish the time limits for activities such as using the internet and game consoles.
5. Be open
Let them know they can tell you about anything that happens on the internet and that you will be always listen.

Please do not hesitate to speak to Management or a member staff regarding these issues if you would like to know anymore information.


Tiny Tigers - Little RascalsTiny Tigers

Last week we had lots of fun in the sunshine and explored the animals in sensory smelling water play. This allows us to explore our senses and also to imitate actions that the practitioner makes repeating different animals sounds to build on our communication skills.

Toddling Turtles

Our focused activity last week has been Our family. The children have been looking at picture of their families and of themselves and have been talking about who they have seen in the pictures, which helps them to develop there communication skills and shows that they have an awareness of people in their families.

We have also been enjoying the glorious sunshine out in the garden and have especially enjoyed playing in the water tray with our turtles and buckets which they have used to transport the water into our plastic running tubes.

Outdoor Snack - Little Rascals


Eager Elephants

Last week our focused activity is Bug Hunting. The children had to go and find bugs in the garden and use a magnifying glass to look at them. Some of the children even drew the bugs they found! This links to “Can talk about some things they have observed such as plants, animals…” All the children enjoyed this activity and were very good at telling the practitioner what colours their bugs were!

We have also been making use of the outdoor area with the nice weather! Having free flow, indoor and outdoor. We have been climbing on the climbing frame, balancing on the beams and playing in the sand. We even had our snack outside! Can we please remind parents to bring children’s suncream in.

Marvellous Monkeys

Last week brought us to the end of our Chinese month, so we will be sending home our little Chinese gift enveloped which contain the Chinese alphabet, where we tried to find the letters in our name, a chocolate coin and a fortune cookieŠ. Who knows what our future may hold?

We will be celebrating Hungary in March.
We have been lucky enough to play out in the sunshine a lot, we have been digging in the garden for buried treasure that the pirates have left!
Whilst in the mud we found a snail who we named Patrick, we let him go back to his family and then went inside to learn about where snails live.

Have You Seen Our Latest Ofsted Report?

We were last inspected in April 2019 and maintained ‘Good’, which is excellent news for us.

Download our report, to see what the inspector said about our nursery.

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