Weekly Roundup – 7th June 2019

Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tigers had a wonderful time with our Toddling Turtles during our sensory play with the strawberry jelly. Not also was it a great sensory experience, the older children loved being with the younger ones and Robbie was very keen to share his snack with Felicity.

Kelly did a water play activity this week which went down a treat. All of the children joined in and Olivia even put her feet in the water for a splish, splash, splosh! Harper and William played really nicely alongside each other which was a delight to watch.

Toddling Turtles

This week in Toddling Turtles the children have been exploring the new room layout and have been especially interested in the home corner where we have added some hairdressing resources. The children have been brushing their own, each other’s and their practitioner’s hair with different brushes and have even been adding hair rollers.

The children have also been interested in the pictures that we have added to our garden of themselves playing and have been able to name their peers in the pictures they have found.

Eager Elephants

This week, we have been learning about recycling. On Wednesday 6th June, it was World Environment Day. We watched videos on recycling and we made our own sensory bottles, using recycled plastic bottles.

Jess B has painted magnifying glasses on our outside doors, to allow the children to look through them and paint what they see!

We have explored Spanish cuisine, we tasted a small selection of foods, including; olives, chorizo, tortilla crisp and salsa.

Marvellous Monkeys

This week we have experimented with colours. We looked at the primary colours, red, blue and yellow. The children had a chance to mix the colours and talk about what happens and how the solution changed.

We also used colours and shapes, here the children had coloured shapes; rectangles, squares, circles and semi circles to find and stand on after been given instructions by the practitioner. They then had to find their shape around the room with every day objects.
This activity covered all 7 areas of learning and was easily adapted for both the younger and older children.

Gucci has arrived!
Pre-School have adopted their very own money from Wildfutures.org
Gucci has already been exploring with one of our children and Lakeisha. All children will get the opportunity to take Gucci and his book home at some point for more adventures.



Have You Seen Our Latest Ofsted Report?

We were last inspected in April 2019 and maintained ‘Good’, which is excellent news for us.

Download our report, to see what the inspector said about our nursery.

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