Creating unique environments for our children to grow creatively.

Our exciting outdoor space really stands our nursery out from others in the area. Each of our rooms benefits from immediate, dedicated access to an outdoor area, which for our toddler to pre-school rooms has creative, challenging and adventurous elements.

All our rooms have an outdoor canopied area, so children can still learn and do activities outdoors without suffering from our typical British weather.

Tiny Tigers

0-12 Months

g Covered canopy area.

g Artificial grass flooring.

g Sensory activities to explore.

Our Tiny Tigers have access to a secure, canopy covered area to crawl out into. We set up activities in this area to encourage outdoor learning and to develop their inquisitive behaviour.

Toddling Turtles

12-24 Months

g Adventure pod.

g Canopy covered area.

g Mini tunnels.

g Slide.

g Artificial grass flooring.

Our Toddling Turtles can really start to explore with their outdoor space. They have an adventure pod, complete with mini-tunnels, slide and other built in activities for them to play with.

Eager Elephants

2-3 Years

g Adventure pod.

g Artificial grass flooring.

g Canopy covered area.

g Mini climbing wall.

g Climbing cargo net.

g Balancing beams & bars.

As your child’s developments progress, so does their outdoor learning area. A little bit more challenging adventure pod with a mini climbing wall and cargo net to climb as well as additional balancing beams and bars.

Marvellous Monkeys

3-5 Years (Pre-School)

g Lots of running room.

g Climbing wall.

g Hidden cave.

g Traditional water pump.

g Canopied area for outdoor learning.

g Artificial grass flooring.

A slightly more advanced outdoor space with an artificial grass mound with climbing wall, ropes and even a secret cave. This pre-school area also has a traditional water pump and a small running stream.

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